Terse introduction to web programming

Murilo Pereira (@mpereira), May 14th 2013



  • Dropped out of computer science
  • Started a company called Meleva. It helps people share taxis in Brazil
  • Startup Chile
  • Programming professionally since 2010

Programming: why should you care?

  • Will you start your own company?
  • Do you have ideas for creating businesses?
  • Being a god
  • Automating boring tasks

Knowning how to tell computers what to do is a powerful thing

Sometimes it will be frustrating, though

Starting off

Q: what's the world wide web made of?

A: Web browsers and servers (connected by cables)

Web browser makes the request to the server

Web server responds to the web browser with a file

Web browser renders file sent by the web server


The file received and rendered by the web browser is an HTML file. This type of file is made of plain text formatted in a way that browsers interpret its content and render it accordingly.

HTML is used to represent the content of web pages (text, images, links, etc.)

Example HTML file

                    <h1>Hello World</h1>

                    <p>First steps in HTML<p>
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Hello World

First steps in HTML


Along with the HTML file returned by the web server may come a CSS file. CSS is a language used to specify how the HTML should be rendered on web browsers. It says how the layout, colors, fonts and other things should look like.

CSS is used to describe the presentation of web pages (how they look).

Example CSS file

                body { background-color: yellow; }

                h1 { font-style: italic; }

                p { border: 5px solid blue }


                    <h1>Hello World</h1>

                    <p>First steps in HTML<p>
                body { background-color: yellow; }

                h1 { font-style: italic; }

                p { border: 5px solid blue }


Hello World

First steps in HTML


  • Programming language
  • Manipulate web pages (HTML and CSS)

"Hacking" with JavaScript

Fun with Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile

  var profilePic = document.getElementsByClassName('profilePic')[0];
  profilePic.src = 'http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk8/martinthurssoon/th_ZuckerMovie.gif';

  profilePic.src = 'http://cdn.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/mark-zuckerberg.jpg';

  var profileName = document.getElementsByClassName('_8_2')[0];
  profileName.innerHTML = 'Marky Zubemkerg $$$';

  var nyanCat = document.createElement('img');
  nyanCat.src = 'http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/168/e/4/nyan_cat__sparta__gif__by_lookincool45-d53trrz.gif';
  nyanCat.style.position = 'absolute';
  nyanCat.style.top = '350px';
  nyanCat.style.left = '150px';
  nyanCat.style.width = '80%';
  nyanCat.style.zIndex = '1000';

Making Barack Obama's Wikipedia page more memorable

  var image = document.getElementsByClassName('image')[0].getElementsByTagName('img')[0];
  image.src = 'http://i.minus.com/ibnMfO5dXlo1FG.gif';

Practical uses

You can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make lots of things:

  • Web sites
  • Games
  • Mobile applications

With JavaScript alone you can program pretty much anything:

  • Web servers
  • Robots
  • Flying robots
  • Laser beams

Example game made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Summing up

  • Learning how to program allows you to implement your own ideas
  • Getting the basics is not hard and can get you a long way
  • Even if you are not interested in following a programming career, having a decent grasp of how computers work will change the way you solve problems
  • Programming is fun and you should do it


Further reading


While it's possible for you to learn enough --for some definition of enough-- becoming a great programmer requires tens of thousands of hours of hard work.

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